Why do I quilt?

So why do I quilt? Its a long story - my Dad died in 1991 and in 2000 my Mum died. Well - you know what they say about the relationship between Mothers and their sons - yes it hit me hard - very hard.

2000 was a wacky year - remember how we all thought Y2K was going to cause the end of civilisation as we knew it? I had bought into a franchise based in Sydney, my Mum had died, GST was being introduced, the Sydney Olympics was the happening thing - at one point I found myself flying from Sydney to London via Perth to get a clean change of clothes. A couple of times I visited my Mum in hospital staying in Dartmouth in Devon where she lived for 4 or 5 nights - I didn't bother to try to change time zone - just worked in 6 hour stints.

When you fly long distance to go to a funeral don't you think the airlines should give you an automatic upgrade? How I hated those long flights when all I wanted was my own space for a while.

Moving on to 2002 when I started a whole new career in financial services  (The franchise went under as the franchisor forgot to tell me how 26 previous franchisees had failed in WA alone). My then wife could not or would not cope with everything that was going on resulting in our divorce. So 2002 was a bad year - but like everything there was a silver lining - I met Leonie who helped me get through everything - we married in 2005.

Still have not answered the question - the combination of everything that had happened in 2000 to 2002 resulted in my going through a bad time mentally - severe depression - a complete mess.

Leonie is a craft nut - she is a fervent cross stitcher and we have rooms full of crafty stuff. So one day I found Leonie's old sewing machine as well as some quilting bits and pieces. And one thing led to another - I have lost count of the number of quilts that I have finished - at least 15 and counting - and I am hooked - well and truly. There is an old saying "the devil finds work for idle hands" - I find if I keep busy then I stay in a good place mentally. I can loose myself in my quilts - it is so absorbing.

I grew up with fabrics around the house - my Mum used to make here own clothes and hats - a very talented lady. Also from the research of my family history I have found out that a number of my ancestors were dress makers etc. So playing with fabric must be in my blood.

My grand mother used to knit and I must have spent some time with her going round wool shops when I was a kid - I just love the smell of wool - the staff at Spotlight must worry about this strange man who goes round their shop sniffing balls of wool!!!

I am lucky as I have a large room at home set aside just for me :-). Means I don't have to clear up all of the time except to put stuff away so it is safe for the pussy cats.