Thursday, September 19, 2013

Finished wedding quilt

Finished off the wedding quilt last weekend but we have been so busy getting ready to go away that I forgot to post a blog.

So here it is....Taa daaaa! Very pleased with the finished quilt.

The pattern is the Antique Butterflies pattern from Anita Goodesign except i have based the fabric selection on the colours of India.

I have always loved the elephants from the festival in Jaipur. The pictures that I have seen look amazing. Visiting India is on my bucket list. There is a quilt tour through India which looks amazing. One power ball.......

I have a days work to finish off the Molly Mine quilt which I will post when I get back in two weeks.

I have also started a quilt for my son using the Anita Goodesign Mariners Compass pattern. Only 120 squares to embroider and appliqué.

I have certainly found my "hot spot" with the embroidered appliqué patterns and designs. Just can't get enough of them.

See you soon.




diamondc said...

Very lovely colors yummy.

Valma said...

wonderful =)
I'm sure this present will be very appreciated ! you did a very great job
I hope Santa Claus will soon put in your Xmas sock a trip to India =)
It's on our list too...