Sunday, April 28, 2013

iPad cover

In between everything else I have been making a couple of iPad covers.

These are based on a pattern called "Perfect Zip Bags" by Elizabeth Hartman. I found this on the website here  .

This pattern is also a great way to use up old denim jeans for the lining.

This is the first bag I made

Not bad for a starter, even if I say to myself! Besides the fact that it is just a little bit too small for my iPad! OK so I made a slight mistake with the measurement of the zipper.

And here is the second one that I made which I use every day.

Hopefully if I get time I will make some up for Christmas for presents with some Christmassy fabrics.


sharine said...

They look great:)

Catherine said...


diamondc said...

Mark: They is wonderful, I love the owl fabric, thank-you for sharing, glad you are back blogging.