Saturday, November 3, 2012

Leonie's birthday present and a new bottle carrier.

Well the last couple of weeks have been busy. Work has been full on as usual, we have just moved offices which hasn't helped. And the commute remains as time consuming as ever. We might (that is a bit might) be shifting after Christmas to somewhere nearer to where we both work. It will mean "some pain before gain" but we are both tired of losing 15 hours a week wasted travelling to and from work. And I am tired of feeling tired all of the time.

I also have to complete 6 courses over the next 2 years which are related to my work so that will no doubt add to the stress.

So what have I been up to?

I decided to make Leonie a cushion for her birthday present. (there were lots of other goodies so please don't think that I am a meanie!). This used the embroidery greeting balloons which I have used before and there are lots of mistakes. However I sewed a zip into the back of the cushion (first zip ever!!) and also my first frill around the edge. That is the great thing about making all of these small projects - it helps to build up the sewing and craft skills.

 I have also just finished a Bottle Carrier from a design by Ann Duncan and Kym Goldup-Graham. Please ignore the fabric - this was a test run so that I could understand the pattern. Very happy with the finish and I will be making a few more as Christmas presents. I have some nice Christmas fabric in my stash so this will keep me  busy for the next couple of weekends.

That's all for now - happy stitching.

See you again soon

Mark x


sharine said...

The cushion looks lovely:)

Valma said...

what a great pillow you made for Noni
I sewed my first zip too some weeks ago, it's not so difficult is it ? =)

Marcy said...

Wow -- 2 firsts -- that deserves a big congrats! The pillow looks great.