Monday, October 1, 2012

Birthday present and cushions for Mitzi

Well - its been a wonderful long weekend here in Perth. Its the Queens birthday weekend - the last bank holiday now until Christmas. For the first time in quite a few months we have had 3 consecutive days of warm sunny weather. Today it's been over 34 - warm and sunny - gorgeous.

I have spent the mornings out in the vegetable patch trying to get everything shipshape after the big storm back in May. The adjacent fence blew down and it has taken us 4 months to get it replaced with a new retaining wall and colourbond fence. So its been a busy weekend weeding and planting a few seeds. Nothing fancy mainly sweet corn, pumpkins and courgettes.

All of this busy bee work in the mornings has created some time to get stitchy in the craft room. So what have I been quilting?

My youngest sister-in-law is 40 this weekend so I thought I would make her something special. I have based this on "Spools pin cushion" design from Except instead of sewing in small spools of cotton in the border - I have sewn in small bonboniere bags and these will be filled with lollies. The front has been embroidered with a "Happy Birthday" message balloon (from Outback Embroidery ) and the "B" side is some pussy cat fabric left over from the "Cats Meow" quilt I made about 18 months ago.

Birthday present "A" side

"B" side of birthday pin cushion.

My last blog introduced you all to our new puppy Mitzi - she may be small put she is giving us 150% puppy-ness. She is so cute with the little things she does - driving us nuts peeing in the wrong places - but generally being a wonderful little puppy.

So - now I am not saying she is spoilt - but I thought I would  make her some puppy sized cushions. (There is an ulterior motive to this as she was chewing some nice covers we have). So here are Mitzi's puppy cushions.

Very pleased with the finished effect and the black peeper border works well. Yes - the corners are not fantastic and these will need some work next time.

Well that's about all for now - It's Leonie's birthday next weekend - I will have to find time to make her something wonderful and creative!!!

Until next time

Mark xx


Catherine said...

What a lovely pincushion!
Cute cushions, but you talked about poor Mitzi without

♥ Nia said...

Lovely gift :) And that pillow for Mitzi is so cute! Are you sure she won't chew on it? :p heheheheh
Noni's B-day is coming?? :D I'm curious to see what you'll make for her :)
Have a great creative week!!

Valma said...

So cute cushions :)
I love the way happy birthday appears
Mitzi, spoilt...?? nooooooo =D
I didn't know it was Noni's Birthday soon :(
(when exactly ?? hehehehe, I have to add this event on my calendar)
Sure you'll find time to make her a little something that she will love =)
happy quilting