Sunday, September 9, 2012

Give away winner, new puppy and couple of finishes.


Thank you to everyone who entered my give away. I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog and leaving a comment. So who is the lucky winner???

From the website and using the random number generator - the winner is No 6 - who is  Sharine - well done - please email me your address and I will post out your goodies to you.

Thank you again for everyone who entered.

Yes - I mentioned in my heading that we have a new puppy. Those of you who follow "stitching noni's" website will know that we lost our beautiful German Shepherd - "Daisy" - to bloat on the 26th May. We don't have children together (I have 2 grown up boys from my first marriage) - so our fur kids are very important to us. To lose Daisy so suddenly broke our hearts and she has left a big big hole in our lives.

Quite by chance we met a lady who lives quite close to us who had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel "Milly" who was pregnant. She had 2 girls and a boy and we put our name down for one of the pups. Last Saturday we picked up our new baby - Mitzi. She is sooo cute (and very wilful for a small dog!!!). Not too many puddles on the floor and I have spent the weekend making our house and garden puppy proof.

Say hello to Mitzi......

Since Daisy's death I have struggled to focus on the bigger projects so I have been having fun on some smaller bits and pieces. The pin cushion with the flower is included in the give away, the second pin cushion with the embroidered cat I have given to my Mother-in-law. And the 3rd pin cushion I will keep for another give away - or something....

This has also been an excuse for me to play with my new embroidery machine - wow its brilliant!!! I have made a set of place mats with dogs on - (yes a King Charles Cavalier and some German Shepherds) and I just just bought some more material so I can make some more place mats.

The 2 round pin cushions are "Spools Pincushion" from The top cushion is based on "Border print "buckshot" pincushion" from Jenny Beyer Studio. (I am a great fan of Jenny Beyer - love her colour theories and met her last year when she came to Perth).

Better get on as I promised to make some BLT's for lunch!!!!

See you again soon...

Mark x


sharine said...

Thankyou so much I can't find your email address could you please email me and I will send you my address
Mitzi is a total cutie:)

Catherine said...

Congrats to your lucky winner!!
Aaaawwww....welcome to Mitzi!! What a cutie! Looking forward to seeing her grow!

♥ Nia said...

Congrats to the lucky winner!! :D
I know Mitzi from Noni's blog, such a cutie!!!! :)
Have a great week!!

lesli said...

Woo hoo! Congratulations, Sharine! Great giveaway, Mark....thank you!

Welcome to Mitzi!

diamondc said...

Hello Mitzi: Mark your pin cushions are wonderful, love the colors.
Congratulations to the winner.

Valma said...

Congratulations to lucky Sharine =)
And welcome Mitzi
She is so cute !!
You will have great moments together
I read on Noni's blog it already started =)
(puppy proof, that makes me laugh =D)