Sunday, July 15, 2012

Give away - sneak peek

Three weeks have passed by and no sign of my give away. It has been a hectic time - work has been full on, DW and I have been thinking about shifting house closer to the city and I have also been completing some studying.

We live about 45 kms to the south of Perth and our daily commute  - for DW takes about 40 minutes (one train into the CBD) and for me takes about 90 minutes (two trains - one into the CBD and a 2nd train out to a western suburb).

After lots of soul searching we ain't moving which is good news as my (did I say "my"... of course I meant "our") craft room is brilliant and it would be hard to find a new house with enough space. And the thought of all that packing........I mean lets get our priorities right!!!

Western Australia is a boom state right now - we have so much going on with the resources industry it is unbelievable. I am not complaining, as I know a lot of people out in Blog land are doing it tough right now. The downside though is Perth has become very expensive (minimum $4 for a coffee) and we have development happening everywhere - and I mean everywhere. From our local train station that we use everyday where they have decided to re-plan the car park (after only 4 years - don't get me started on that one....) to the main station in the CBD where they have decided to build an underground pedestrian walkway linking all of the platforms. This is part of the City Link project where the main train lines through the middle of the city are being sunk below ground; then there is a big new waterfront project linking Perth CBD to the River Swan and the major new development at the east end of the City. It is true what they say when WA is doing well Perth can tell the state of the economy by the number of tower cranes over the CBD!

As I said - I am also studying for my advanced diploma and when that is complete I will be taking four more exams - so 6 courses over the next 3 years. I would have thought at 54, I could stop studying but somebody obviously has other plans for me....(Its like the people who said computers would result in the paperless office - that was another big fib - as most people now use more paper than before PC's???)

So after my big rant the upshot is over the last three weeks no quilting and no play time on my new embroidery machine. Never mind....  Off to Hong Kong in 2 weeks for 5 nights with DW and 2 half empty suitcases so we can bring lots of goodies back!!!  Yay! DW and I are unashamed stash buyers...

So here is a sneak peek of the goodies I have collected so far for the give away.

The fabric and pattern came from a local supplier who held an auction for the Queensland floods. My sewing skills are not up to making clothes and I don't have any daughters (or grand daughters ...yet). There is also a brand new set of scissors. More details to follow.......

So what else would you like in my give away? I can't stretch to 2 first class round-the-world cruise tickets or a weekend with Michael Buble!!! But what would you like? Fabrics, books, patterns or notions???

I might wait until I get back from Hong Kong before properly starting the give away so I can include some nice goodies from our hols???  

Until next time

Mark x


diamondc said...

This looks like a yummy givaway, I am so glad you are not moving it is such a task to move we were thiunking about a move instead we may add a formal dining room instead a whole lot cheaper

Catherine said...

Just found you through your wife's blog! So nice that you and she share that same crafty passion.
Wonderful giveaway goodies!

♥ Nia said...

I'm in for your giveaway! ;)
We should never stop studying, there's always so much to learn, new things coming every day! I'm a web developer so I will have to study until I retire! Lol :D