Sunday, September 4, 2011

Roman maze finished

At last the maze quilt is finished!

Very happy with the finished quilt. I gave it to Austin last night and he said he really liked it. So happy all round. The quilting shows the maze design on the back of the quilt - so in ways I have made a 2 sided quilt!

It is the longest project that I have ever completed - started about 10 months ago.

Till next time


Bec said...

:) Fantastic job! I love that the maze can be seen on the back, very cool. Looking forward to seeing the next quilts.

diamondc said...

Mark:Your quilt is beautiful I look at it and see flowers a walking path and more gardens very nice work,
Lovely colors that go very well together yet its also very masculine.


Stitching Noni said...

Just a beautiful quilt! Very clever hubby :-)

So is the next quilt the one that you are going to make for me out the beautiful Egyptian fabric we bought... :-)