Friday, March 4, 2011

Couch potato

One of the benefits of having a darling wife (DW) who is a cross stitch fanatic is that we have lots and lots and lots of cross sticth patterns laying around the house. (and I mean hundreds!). Which is great because DW just cannot complain when I am out buying stuff for my stash (Tee Hee). BTW DW is aka Stitching Noni - ( ).

So as I am going through my early applique phase, I have had a try at applique-ing a Margaret Sherry design called Couch Potato.

My first applique attempt was a cute Tigger hug which was sort of OK. But this one is much better.

The satin stitch was a bit of a trial though - there I was looking for the satin stitch button on the faithful Janome and quietly cursing under my breath as I had obviously bought the model without this option.
The white fabric is a re-cycled 100% cotton white work shirt which I never liked anyway.

Next one is Tigger - v2 - I have a nicer backing fabric and now that I have conquered the satin stitch.........

See ya x


Stitching Noni said...

Oops, there goes my stash!!! And now I will probably have to fight for my magazines as well...

Another we now have another Margaret Sherry addict in the house!

Love your coach potato doggie :-)x

Bizzi Hands said...

Hey Mark awesome stitching.. just one thing tho - a DH is a Dear Husband.. so Me thinks you should be saying DW - Dear wife..ROFLMAO..

Have a great day

Lumiruusu said...

Your Margraret Sherry
"Couch potato" pattern by quilting looks adorable
- what a talented couple are you!!

I am looking forward to see more
cross stitch designes converted to quilting.

I can hardly imagine that you have so warm and green there in the beginning of the March
(even I know by looking the world map that it is normal :D

We have still more
than 100 cm snow outside and kids enjoy skiing at the forests..

Joysze said...

Hi Mark. Found you courtesy of Noni. :D What a cute quilt!!